TEA Brewing GUideS

How to brew Tea properly depends on its type and strain. With our Tea brewing guides we try to help you get the best flavour from your favourite type of Tea.

Using accurate measurements, steep times and the best water temperature is essential to obtain the full aroma of your favourite Tea. Make sure to try our Guidelines below to get to taste your selected Teas in proper manner with its fullest fragrance.

The key points in making good Tea

Tea Leaves

The amount of Tea leaves varies on which kind of tea you are about to brew.

Water Temperature

Fresh and clean spring water is the very best choice for making a tasty pot of tea.

Waiting Time

Despite possible exact durations for each infusions it is important to watch the Tea.

Number of Infusions

Properly made some teas can be infused for around 6 times before its fragrance goes out.

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Teatime ceremony with Oolong Tea

TeaHerz Finest Tea Selection

Taste our 3 personal favourite Teatypes

Milk Oolong Alishan Taiwan

The delicate Alishan milk Oolong acquires its light and creamy milky flavor in a natural processes. Its leaves are hand-rolled into small, green-yellow coloured balls. Leaves are manually harvested in spring and autumn, farmers exclusively collect top leaves with one bud. That special procedure creates the famous style and aroma of this Oolong Tea.

Orange Pekoe Ceylon Sri Lanka

Flowerly broken Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea. 100% organic with an aromatic fruity flavour. We recommend to drink this tea straight. A premium loose leaf blend grown in the dry and cool mountains of Dimbula on Sri Lanka. Balanced, strong and refreshing black Tea with exquisite juicy aroma. This is one of our very favourite Teas on the Planet. 

Gaba Oolong Alishan Taiwan

Partial oxidization gives this yellow Alishan Oolong Tea a golden honey like flavour. Grown in the deep mountains with opulent sunshine exposure - its where this tea strain gains its incomparable quality. Aroma of baked sweet potato taste and is proven to offer the drinker a relaxing stimulating feeling.

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