How to make PUER tea


How to make brew Tea properly depends on its type and strain. For each type of tea you should follow specific instructions. Especially Puer Tea needs a bit more attention in order to gain the best flavours out of the aged teacakes. Check our guide on make a pot of Puer Tea. 

How to brew Puer Tea

Warm teaware

Warm the Teapot by pouring hot boiling water into the teapot, pitcher & cups to heat your teaware, then drain the water.

Rinse the tea

Rinse the post-fermented Puer tea in order to clean and revive the leaves for about 3 seconds. Riped Puer Tea should be rinsed twice.

Start brewing

Now start brewing the Puer tea. Around 6 to 8 grams of Tea for a 400 ml sized Teapot. Water temperatures below 90°C will result in softer taste. 

Steep process

After pouring water in the teapot brush away the bubbles with the lid, close the teapot and pour some more hot water on the pot to keep it hot.

Time it right

After steeping for 10 to 20 seconds pour out the liquid for drinking. It can be brewed several times, just add 5 seconds for each new infusion.

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TeaHerz Finest Puer Tea Selection

Taste our 3 personal favourite Puer Teas

Puer Tea 2002 Yunnan China

YiWu Golden Buts Puer Tea from the year 2002. Organically grown on the high altitude of Yi Wu mountain in Yunnan province. Beautifully packaged Tea cake with nice aromas & soft flavour of a younger Puer Tea.  

Puer Tea 2008 Yunnan China

A premium 2008 Puer Tea from the southern chinese province of Yunnan. This tea is red, bright, with a pure and smooth fragrance. Aged Puer Tea leaves have a highly medical use. Puer Tea is fermented with a special technique, making it a popular drink across the world.

Puer Tea 2003 Yunnan China

Specially fermented Puer Tea from Meng Hai, a famous Puer Tea area in Yunnan province, China. An organic Supreme AAAAA+ grade Tea cake. A dark red colored Tea with a light fruity fragrance, tasty aroma and thick mellow flavor. Yunnans unique nature and vegetation has been famous for Tea since centuries.

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TeaHerz Finest Tea Selection

Taste our 3 personal favourite Teatypes

Milk Oolong Alishan Taiwan

The delicate Alishan milk Oolong acquires its light and creamy milky flavor in a natural processes. Its leaves are hand-rolled into small, green-yellow coloured balls. Leaves are manually harvested in spring and autumn, farmers exclusively collect top leaves with one bud. That special procedure creates the famous style and aroma of this Oolong Tea.

Orange Pekoe Ceylon Sri Lanka

Flowerly broken Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea. 100% organic with an aromatic fruity flavour. We recommend to drink this tea straight. A premium loose leaf blend grown in the dry and cool mountains of Dimbula on Sri Lanka. Balanced, strong and refreshing black Tea with exquisite juicy aroma. This is one of our very favourite Teas on the Planet. 

Gaba Oolong Alishan Taiwan

Partial oxidization gives this yellow Alishan Oolong Tea a golden honey like flavour. Grown in the deep mountains with opulent sunshine exposure - its where this tea strain gains its incomparable quality. Aroma of baked sweet potato taste and is proven to offer the drinker a relaxing stimulating feeling.

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