How to make DARJEELING tea


How to make brew Tea properly depends on its type and strain. For each type of tea you should follow specific instructions. Darjeeling Tea is a famous Tea from India. It could also be called a black Oolong Tea but its a less than average oxidized black tea.

How to brew Darjeeling Black Tea

Pre-heat teaware

Pre-heat your teaware by pouring hot boiling water into the teapot, pitcher & cups , then drain the water.

Amount of tea

Use around 6 to 8 grams of Darjeeling black tea for a 400 ml teapot. Thats about 2 heaping teaspoons.

Brew the tea

Add water to the teapot and close the lid. Wait and let it steep for about 2 minutes before pouring it into the pitcher.

Taste the tea

To get an exact idea on the amount of tea and steeping time look at the color and taste the tea for best fragrance.

Enjoy to drink

It is recommend to drink pure in order to taste its original flavour. Savor & enjoy inhaling the original fruity aroma. 

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TeaHerz Finest Darjeeling Tea Selection

Taste our personal favourite Darjeeling Black Teas

Pouchong Coconut Fujian China

Pouchong Coconut Fujian China grown in the WuYi mountains in Fujuan province, this fruity tea that has a floral fragrance with a sweet finish. Containing pure coconut extract is comes with a smooth and buttery taste. It brings an eleganty delicate experience because of its unique combination of naturals flavours. Pouchong Tea is USDA organic.

Darjeeling Organic West Bengal India

An USDA organic Darjeeling Tea grown in the jungly mountains of Darjeeling. Biodynamically grown with natural notes of nut, fruit, sweet muscatel and chestnut. This specific type is an autumnal pick black Tea. Not without reason to be called the Champagne of Teas. An exotic black tea experience bringing you the natural flavours of Indian Tea.

Golden Moon Masala Chai Assam India

This is a uniquely mixed USDA organic Himalayan Masala Tea. All of its ingredients are naturally organic. It contains cardamon, cinnamon, Sri Lankan cloves, Chinese ginger, Vietnamese peppercorn and black tea. Its authentic Indian style Chai fragrance is based on the famous black tea from Assam in exotic northern India.

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TeaHerz Finest Tea Selection

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Milk Oolong Alishan Taiwan

The delicate Alishan milk Oolong acquires its light and creamy milky flavor in a natural processes. Its leaves are hand-rolled into small, green-yellow coloured balls. Leaves are manually harvested in spring and autumn, farmers exclusively collect top leaves with one bud. That special procedure creates the famous style and aroma of this Oolong Tea.

Orange Pekoe Ceylon Sri Lanka

Flowerly broken Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea. 100% organic with an aromatic fruity flavour. We recommend to drink this tea straight. A premium loose leaf blend grown in the dry and cool mountains of Dimbula on Sri Lanka. Balanced, strong and refreshing black Tea with exquisite juicy aroma. This is one of our very favourite Teas on the Planet. 

Gaba Oolong Alishan Taiwan

Partial oxidization gives this yellow Alishan Oolong Tea a golden honey like flavour. Grown in the deep mountains with opulent sunshine exposure - its where this tea strain gains its incomparable quality. Aroma of baked sweet potato taste and is proven to offer the drinker a relaxing stimulating feeling.

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