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Since more than 10 Years we concentrate on sourcing the best types of organic tea from the high mountains of Taiwan, China, Ceylon and Darjeeling in India. We specify on just a handful of tea strains – bringing you certain world class quality and best flavour. 

Finding the best Tea in the World

We are on a mission to help to you to find some of the most popular and tastiest types of Tea on the worldwide market. We lead to you towards some of the most naturally aromatic and organic types of Tea in the TeaHerz Tea Store.


100% Organic

We love organically grown Tea 


Fair Trade

We support fair trade foundations


100% Healthy

We love purely natural Tea


High Quality

We love to drink the best only

Serving the Finest Organic Teas on the Market

Tea can generally be categorized in six major types- green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and dark tea. We are selecting teas known for their top quality in color, fragrance and rich taste – organically grown in excellent natural conditions, best strains of tea plants, refined picking methods and the most advanced processing techniques. 

Trust us at TeaHerz helping you to find the best Teas of the World. Please feel free to have a look at our recommendations in our Tea Shop.

Exclusively The Best Quality of Tea

China is the homeland of Tea with leading position in planting, producing and the culture of drinking tea. It has a history of four or five thousand years. There are places where you can find wild tea trees which are more than 1000 years old. Not only in China – but also in places like India, Taiwan and Sri Lanka the local agriculture is based on the Tea business.

We at TeaHerz help you to pick out the tastiest types of tea from the most popular locations. We try to cultivate a fine selection of the best of the best. Tea is a huge topic – our goal is to bring it down to the most important.


TeaHerz Support

We are proud to be supported by Daniel Reid and Namuba. His extensive knowledge of Tea combined with decades of experience is a great help for us at TeaHerz. Check out Daniel Reid’s awesome book bringing you extensive knowledge about the Art of Oolong Tea.

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